Char Lawrence: Slow down and love the ones you love

Char Lawrence, founder of the Mogul Minded Group and N9ne cosmetics spoke to us about how her incredibly popular magazine, The Mogul Minded Magazine, was born from her frustrations about not being able to get positive stories from the BAME community into the mainstream media. 

She discusses how all her businesses began organically to address the needs that she had, from the hair care products created from her own natural hair journey, which was triggered by a comment from her daughter; to the events business that was set up due to the inaccessibility of other networking events. 

The conversation included:

  • How she has managed through 2020, reflecting on her growth and her frustrations 
  • How she is telling positive stories focused on people in the BAME community
  • How faith doesn’t have to mean the same as following a specific religion, but how having faith has helped her on her journey
  • Positive mindset 
  • Being a do-er and how this helps her to keep pushing forward.

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