Char Top Tips: Don’t Die with the Fire Inside

Char Lawrence’s top tip is enough to get any of us up and moving.

I think that we all know what it is to feel energy bubbling up inside, a desire to do something. Char says when you feel, just do it.

Are you ready to satisfy that drive? What gets in the way of you acting on your desires?

We answer the question, how do you tap into the passion, purpose, and ambition? Sometimes we have that fire but we don’t know how to satisfy it or act on it.

Sometimes your drive can get in the way of acting for your passion and purpose and send you off down a path that is based on somebody else’s idea of success.

Maybe your purpose isn’t about what you are going to do. Maybe it is about waking up, listening to yourself, and being your best self at that moment, on that day.

What matters most to you today?

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