Hazel McShane Top Tip: Be careful who you bring with you

Amy and Becky are bringing their skills as educators in Cardiff and Exeter business schools respectively to discuss Hazel’s top tip about being careful who you bring with you on your entrepreneurial journey.

We started by talking about the topic of bringing people around you, which led us to think about:

  • how we understand each other;
  • how we design our teams;
  • how to build and work in diverse teams and
  • how to be mindful with the development of your team.

Some of our tips about building your team include:

  • If you have identified particular skills or connections ALWAYS pay attention to the values fit tool.
  • When you talk about values – make sure that you also talk about the behaviour associated with those values.
  • Use the probationary period well.
  • Manage behaviours as well as outputs

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