Heather’s Top Tip: Hire really good people

In this episode Becky and Amy reflect on the criticality of Heather Lyons' Top Tip: “Hire really good people.”

No business leader would dispute the value of this; for founders, great hires are particularly important.  We muse on the common pitfalls around hiring for start ups.

We emphasise the value of hire slow and fire fast:

  • The wrong people can be extremely distructive, especially for small teams.
  • Don't be scared to ask too much: get clear of what you are looking for.
  • Don't assume others won't be as excited and motivated by the business' mission as much as you are.
  • Get training and support in how to hire and how to manage well.
  • Factor in time to build strong team foundations and nurture team growth.
  • Take care not to feel obliged to give early supporters a share of the business or take a salaried role.
  • Get creative with short contracts initially focused on discrete packages of work with clear KPIs.
  • Importantly, take the long term view and work back from your vision for the business: design an organisation that allows you to be in your zone of genius!

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