Helena Hills Part 1: It’s never been more important to drive positive energy and emotion

Helena Hills Part 1: It’s never been more important to drive positive energy and emotion

Helena Hills is the founder of True Start Coffee, we talked about so much that we decided to  split this episode in two…..

Next episode coming soon.

In this episode we focused on the value of positive energy and ADHD. In part two we discuss rebranding and learning as you go when you build a business from scratch.

TrueStart is feel-good coffee that exists to spread massive positive energy
It is a Multi-award-winning challenger coffee masterbrand with vibrant, clean, healthy coffee for every occasion, at it’s core it is an ethical family business that puts people first.

As well as being an energetic ethical CEO, Helena is extremely passionate about the importance of championing neuro-diversity

We discuss:

☕Positive emotions and how to harness them
☕The power of “clean coffee” (for those who aren’t allergic to caffeine)
☕How it started in a field in Taunton
☕ How ADHD doesn't mean someone needs fixing

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