How I won £50k for Innovation and my tips to help you do it too…..

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Dr. Becky Sage talks about her experiences as a Women in Innovation award winner. This is a MUST LISTEN for all the innovative women in your life!

This episode is focused on the Innovate UK Women in Innovation award that has recently launched, however a lot of the answers apply more broadly so even if you aren’t considering

Answering FAQs such as:

How has being a Women in Innovation award winner changed your career/life?

I feel too small – can I do this?

Should I feel guilty about doing something that might celebrate me?

For more information, there is a blog post to support this podcast episode

As always we want to hear from you so please let us know if you have more questions or if you want support with any of the topics discussed.

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**Disclaimer from Dr Becky Sage: **
You may have seen me in the Innovate UK/KTN webinar about the awards, however, I am not writing this or podcasting in any official capacity for Innovate UK and I will only be talking from my own perspective. For all official information please ensure that you check all the relevant information provided by Innovate UK and the KTN.

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