Ilham’s Top Tips: Do something competitive to break out of your shell

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Ilham knew she had to break out of her shell in order to achieve her goals, so she did. Her tip for doing that is to do something competitive, such as playing basketball. 

Amy and Becky discuss:

  • How it is empowering to have strategies to build our inner strength and cofidence
  • How basketball works for us
  • How some of us find it easy and some of us find it hard to act even when we know we have a good strategy
  • How the 4 broad neural systems can impact your natural responses to situations
  • How important our foundations are
  • How we are all unique in our environment
  • How to build your support system and confidence if you have not got it yet
  • Filling yourself up with good things

We discussed Dr Helen Fisher’s work, more info here:

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