Jillian Kowalchuk’s Top Tip: Start with Yourself

In today’s Top Tip episode, Amy and Becky reflect on Jillian Kowalchuk’s advice to,

“Start with Yourself.”

Are you secure in yourself?  Who you are?  What you stand for?

Amy and Becky get under the skin of what this means in practice. How can we get more comfortable with trusting ourselves to make decisions, take action, and move through challenging times?

We reflect on:

  • Self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence – what they are and how they interconnect;
  • What it means to really esteem yourself;
  • How self-confidence is about learning to trust yourself to grow from your experiences;
  • The importance of getting comfortable with our vulnerabilities and accepting our mistakes;
  • The power of learning to frame moments of difficulty into questions which can connect us to our passion and purpose;
  • The significance of storytelling to build relationships of value and influence; and critically, 
  • How to move from reflection through to action and impact. 

When we are secure in ourselves – who we are and what we stand for – moving forwards with clarity and confidence becomes possible.

We would love to hear what you have found helpful in your journey.  What have you done – what are you continuing to do – to help you build your sense of self and find the strength to keep getting back up when events knock you down?  Please share your insights and experiences with us on Instagram, LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter using the links below.

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