Kate Dimbleby: It’s about the creative process that is what’s driving it

Kate Dimbleby: It’s about the creative process that is what’s driving it

Kate Dimbleby, co-founder of Stornaway.io has been working for 25 years as a producer, performer, singer, songwriter, teacher and facilitator. She has recorded 6 albums and has toured the world with theatrical music shows, working with world-class musicians, writers and other artists to tell stories about women's voices.
Kate has developed a structure for writing and developing her ideas to allow for maximum creative freedom and flexibility particularly live on stage. This has informed the creation of the story map and writing tools for Stornaway.io – a ground-breaking interactive filmmaking platform that she launched in May 2020 with her husband filmmaker and technologist Ru Howe.  

Stornaway.io's drag and drop authoring tools enable creators in Entertainment, Business, Learning and Agencies to easily craft and pre-vis compelling interactive video stories for delivery to websites, social media, VOD platforms and YouTube!

We discussed:

  • Moving from the music industry to a tech startup 
  • Getting out of the building
  • Reaching out to people we know
  • Shifting cultures as you shift to different markets
  • Waiting for the right time to target you market

About Stornaway.io and Kate Dimbleby
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