Kate Dimbleby’s Top Tip: Ask yourself questions because you’ll find some really interesting answers. Ask is that true?

Kate Dimbleby’s Top Tip: Ask yourself questions because you’ll find some really interesting answers. Ask is that true?

In this week's Top Tips episode, Becky and Amy celebrate Kate Dimbleby's Top Tip:

“Ask yourself questions.  Keep talking to yourself because you'll find some really interesting answers.  Ask is that true?”

As business leaders, an ability to step back and understand the context within which we are making decisions is invaluable for our personal and business' growth.

Reflective Practice gives us the tools to gain perspective.  We ponder how to reflect  effectively:

  • Where you are on the blame continuum? Are you assigning all fault to yourself for things which have gone wrong , or are you blaming everyone but you?!
  • In a lean culture, learning is a metric for success: move away from blame towards lessons learnt.
  • Move from being reflective to reflexive – take into account possible unconscious biases, and underlying assumptions.
  • Consciously create a positive environment which supports good quality thinking.
  • Check in with yourself: ask if your negative thoughts about yourself are really true? Take care to focus on what's working well.

We discuss Rolfe's simple three step model to support reflection which moves you forward.  Ask:

1.  What?  What was I trying to achieve?  What happened?  What were the consequences?  What patterns, habits, strengths, weaknesses have I demonstrated?

2. So What?  What does this teach me?  What does this imply?  What other knowledge could I have brought to this situation?  What resources could I have used?  What could I have done differently?

3. Now What?  What do I need to do to improve things?  What broader issues need to be considered?  What do I need to work on and learn about?  What shall I do differently going forwards?

Move from big picture reflections, to the critical next step.  Keep asking those questions, positively and pragmatically!

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