Katie Top Tips: Do something that you believe in that gives you joy

Our guest and founder of Tortoise, Katie Vanneck Smith firmly believes that we can all do work that we believe in and enjoy. Her point is that we’re living the 100-year life so don’t spend it by doing something that you don’t love and doesn’t bring you joy.

Work matters to us, we have to recognise that. On this top tips episode we discussed:

  • The tension between finding work you love and having financial security;
  • Having psychological safety before we can get to fulfillment;
  • The things that you have to go through before being able to get all that you are looking for.

We ask the question:

  • Are you spending your time living someone else’s dream?
  • Have you set off on one path but ended up somewhere that doesn’t align with your values?
  • Can you find ways to enjoy your work even if you don’t feel like you are in the right place yet.

We think you can. Listen to our stories in this episode to help you turn up the joy factor in your work.

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