Miisa Mink: The dream you don’t want to tell is your most powerful dream.

Miisa Mink: The dream you don’t want to tell is your most powerful dream.

Miisa Mink is an award-winning women’s empowerment activist and founder and chief doer at DrivenWoman – a fast-growing empowerment platform and a global community for ambitious women who want to achieve their goals and aspirations.

She’s a serial entrepreneur who started her career in marketing and branding, building a successful branding agency network for one of the world’s leading advertising giants. She has been involved in various start-ups as an investor, advisor and founder.

We discussed:

  • The power of doing things the feminine way
  • Demystifying the idea that success and hours worked are the same thing
  • Embarking on journey’s even when we might be uncertain
  • How you tell the difference between your ego and your calling

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