Miisa’s Top Tip: Get to the truth of what’s keeping you small

In this MindStyling Top Tips episode, join Becky and Amy as they reflect on Miisa Mink’s invitation to us all to ask, “What’s keeping me small?”

In line with Miisa’s urging not to rush the process, Becky and Amy ponder the questions beneath the question:

  • Do I feel small?
  • If so, when? What are my triggers?
  • Why am I triggered?
  • What is holding me back from making the impact I want?

We discuss:

  • The brain science behind feeling small and the automatic stress responses of fight, flight, and freeze, as well as ‘please’, a learned stress response.
  • How a perceived threat to our status fires up the same part of the brain as a threat to our physical safety.
  • Recognition of the danger of black and white thinking, and the value of identifying the nuances of those situations which might cause us to feel and act small.
  • We invite listeners to get curious about what it is that helps them to stop feeling small.

We talk about:

  • The importance and impact of managing our thoughts positively – consciously connecting to our personal strengths, values and purpose.
  • The power of perspective and decoupling the outcome of a moment from our sense of self.
  • Our experiences of goal-setting and the value of meaningful milestones to beat overwhelm.
  • How our feelings are often the last to change, as a result of a conscious shift to more positive, empowering thoughts and behaviours.

We’d love to hear about your experiences and reflections on this important topic. Please let us know using the links below:

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