Olga Kravchenko: It’s really easy to be resilient when you don’t understand the consequences

Olga Kravchenko: It’s really easy to be resilient when you don’t understand the consequences

Olga Kravchenko​ is ​CEO​ of ​Musemio​, an award-winning virtual reality educational platform that brings culture to children in a way they enjoy the most – by playing.

The company’s vision is to make arts and cultural education accessible to every child across the globe. Musemio has received international recognition by winning numerous awards, being published in leading media such as the Financial Times & the Telegraph and working with leading cultural institutions around the globe.

In 2019 Olga was awarded Women in Technology Scholarship by Sky, recognizing her as an emerging leader in the technology sector. Apart from running an exciting venture, Olga has been actively involved in helping other early-stage entrepreneurs to start their business or transition into tech career.

We spoke about many of the challenges and opportunities of running a high tech start up including:

  • Making culture engaging
  • The power of curiosity
  • How to be resilient as your startup matures and you have more people to support;
  • Tips for helping you feel less stressed about presenting your work

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About Musemio
Sign up to the Musemio app here: https://musemio.com/download

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To connect with Musemio, email info@musemio.com or add Olga on linked in.

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