Polly Crook’s Top Tip: Find Your Passion!

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Polly Crook from The HOW People was straight to the point with her Top Tip:

“Find your passion!”

In today’s new episode, Becky and Amy reflect on what has helped them find and live their passion, and what has held them back.

Are you living a life that serves you most powerfully? Or is it one designed by Society and what your ego tells you is, or is not, the right path to follow? Why have you made the choices that you have?

We talk about how you might find your passion, and the value of identifying the key ingredients to your best life. Do you find constructing a Wheel of Life – or even a Pizza of Life! – helpful?

Or is Ikigai more meaningful for you? Helping you to find your sweet spot for life, where your passions and talents converge with what the world needs from you and is willing to pay you for.

What if the pursuit of being paid to do what you love, simply won’t fulfil your financial goals? What if you are doing something you love, but in a toxic work environment you hate? What if your clarity of thought is clouded with self-doubt, anxiety, or depression?

How can you clear the space for yourself to consciously design a life you love?

During our discussion we reference a range of excellent books, and even a video, to help you take practical steps, and give yourself the clarity to:

– start to move forwards

– say no to the things which aren’t working for you, and

– believe you can build a passion-filled life.

Our recommendations include:

‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’, by Vishen Lakhiani

‘The Passion Test’ by Janet Attwood and Chris Attwood

‘What Colour is your Parachute?’ by Richard Bolles

‘How to get a job you love’ by John Lees

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Lakhiani’s concept of BRULES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq3TG2CEiWw

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