Zara Nanu Part 1: I’m a very laissez faire type of person

When Zara Nanu, CEO of Gapsquare had children everything changed. Where there had been no barriers suddenly there were barriers.

Gapsquare was born from the question: is there a way to overcome those barriers together? As groups of women? Using technology and data to inform us of the disparity and to show us when improvements are made?

There is a fine balance to be had between going for her own dreams and being there for her children. Being in a start up is not exactly the easiest route to make change!

There is also a balance to be had between business development and technology. She explains how she overcomes the catch 22 of needing business to fund the product and having a product that is ready to sell.

In part one Zara introduces us to her vision and mission, the way she works with her team and the way she parents.

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