Entrepreneur Interviews

We interview guests about how they have achieved success by using MindStyling for entrepreneurship.

Char Lawrence: Slow down and love the ones you love

Char Lawrence, founder of the Mogul Minded Group and N9ne cosmetics spoke to us about how her incredibly popular magazine, The Mogul Minded Magazine, was born from her frustrations about not being able to get positive stories from the BAME community into the mainstream media.  She discusses how all her businesses began organically to address…

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Emily Kent: “If you aren’t at the table or in the room, your voice isn’t heard”

We spoke to Emily Kent, co-founder of One Big Circle and serial entrepreneur.  We talked about:  Being an actual “dinner table entrepreneur” The fun but unsustainable times of starting a business When to park a project that isn’t right, right now. Building resilience into the plan Recruiting and nurturing staff Why it is important for…

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